Mission and Strategy

The mission of Tubular Rail, Inc. ("TRI" or the "Company") is to revolutionize transportation in and between urban areas with a solution that substantially reduces building costs and infrastructure disruption while providing green technology to a marketplace that can no longer bear the sky-rocketing costs, infrastructure problems, and environmental degradation associated with existing technologies.

Keys to Success

The keys to the commercial success of the Tubular Rail Technology are its low cost - up to 60% less than the cost of building a comparative system – and its ability to be built in high density population centers within existing infrastructure with little disruption to existing businesses.

Cost savings are achieved by virtue of the following:

1. The use of non-esoteric technology – all systems can be built upon existing know-how;

2. The ability to pre-fabricate and mass produce the component parts;

3. The utilization of air space and the elimination of a continuous rail results in reduced land use;

4. Complete grade separation (lack of contact between ground-level transportation and trains); and

5. Minimal disruption of existing infrastructure during construction and operation.

These cost savings can be as great as 60% when compared with any existing rail alternative. Tubular Rail applications include recreation and people-moving, urban transit, high speed rail, and even freight moving.

Combating climate change has now become an international priority as China and India urbanize at a rate unparalleled in human history.

Tubular Rail’s market is global and the need for its solution is great.